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Wolf Marketing is an expert in PHP and its utilization to give you powerful websites and web applications. PHP is the most commonly used programming and web development language today, powering more than 80% of all websites. However, to optimize the functions and benefits of PHP, you need to work with experts who are intimately familiar with the language and know the best library and framework to use to suit your specific needs.

Several frameworks have been developed to work with PHP in web development. Wolf Marketing will assist you in determining the framework that best suits your particular project. We provide expert services in various PHP frameworks, including the most popular ones.



Developed in 2006, Codelgniter is considered the original PHP framework. It has not lost its popularity despite the introduction of newer frameworks. Codelgniter has an MVC (model-view-controller) structure, which makes it easy to use and to introduce modifications or parallel development.

Codelgniter has plenty of built-in functionalities and allows the easy use of modular programs. It’s compatible with various operating systems and servers, and is lightweight, thus not taking up much bandwidth.

Wolf Marketing’s Codelgniter services include:

  • Web and web application development
  • Development of robust and highly-functional web-based content management systems (CMS)
  • Development of ecommerce sites with shopping cart applications
  • Integration with APIs
  • Development of mobile applications
  • Library development
  • Maintenance and support



Laravel is the most popular PHP framework in use today. It is preferred by many seasoned developers for its speed and ease of use. It is easy to customize and set up, and makes migration management simpler.

Laravel allows the creation of models and tools, custom commands, and queued tasks, as well as powerful data retrieval. This framework’s documentation provides versatility. It can create hundreds of libraries, which gives developers plenty of wiggle room in creating and designing apps and websites. It also allows the creation of reusable templates. Laravel requires little maintenance, making it a great investment.

Wolf Marketing’s expert Laravel services include:

  • Web development and development of enterprise web apps
  • eCommerce site building and solutions
  • CMS development and other business solutions
  • Enterprise resource planning solutions
  • Website migration
  • Library development
  • Maintenance and support


Cake PHP

One of the first PHP frameworks, Cake was introduced in 2005 and continues to be widely used today. It has an MVC structure, is easy to manage, and provides ready-to-use templates – all of which contribute to speedy web development.

Other advantages of Cake include ease in adding libraries, uncomplicated database access, tools for building query functions, and ORM (object-relational mapping).

As one of the oldest PHP frameworks, Cake has seen several more recent updates to respond to the changing needs of developers and the marketplace.

Wolf Marketing provides topnotch Cake services that include:

  • Web development
  • CMS development
  • Extension programs and adding custom features on existing applications
  • Cake updates and upgrades
  • Ecommerce site development
  • Library development
  • Maintenance and support


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