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As a web developer New York businesses have trusted for years, Wolf Marketing is skilled at building dynamic and powerful websites that can help you deliver the best possible online service to your customers.

We utilize the latest and most up-to-date programming languages to develop and upgrade websites, and make sure they remain relevant and responsive to the market’s changing dynamics. These include JavaScript and its frameworks and libraries, such as jQuery, AJAX, Gulpjs, and AngularJS.


What JavaScript does

At Wolf Marketing, our web development and design experts collaborate to create eye-catching and highly-functional websites using JavaScript and other tools.

JavaScript and the right frameworks are behind such dynamic and interactive website features as carousels, animations, photo effects, and games. It powers scrolling newsfeeds, chats, inquiries, and more, without interrupting the user’s browsing activities. It provides the versatility web designers have been looking for to give users the best possible online experience.

JavaScript is executed on the user’s side, which saves the server bandwidth and strain. This also allows for quick execution, as any inquiry by the user does not have to go back to the server for processing.

The functionality of JavaScript may also be extended by adding snippets to web pages using third party add-ons.

JavaScript is easy to use, but it takes intensive training and experience to know how to optimize its benefits. Wolf Marketing’s web development experts are adept in using JavaScript, as well as the following frameworks and libraries that allow us to fully exploit the language’s benefits.


  • jQuery 

    This is a built-in library in JavaScript that simplifies the behavior of the language in different browsers. It makes animation and event handling easier, allowing for extendible apps that can run across various browsers.

  • AJAX

    Acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, AJAX allows data to be sent to and received from a server without refreshing the page. It allows users to receive detailed information on requested subjects without leaving the page.

  • GulpJS

    This simplifies the web development process by automating repetitive tasks such as running code analysis, bundling libraries, and others.


  • Angular JS

    This makes single-page applications with a large volume of data possible


Our JavaScript services

Wolf Marketing provides various services that will allow you to take full advantage of JavaScript and make it work for your business. These services include:


  • Web development

    We create various web services using JavaScript, including scalable, enterprise-grade websites, CMS (content management system), web portals, web apps, media sharing, and many more.

  • User interface enhancements

    We can make your websites, apps, and other web services more powerful by introducing JavaScript-enabled features, such as animation, video or audio embedding, added widgets, and added functions like search bars, checkboxes, buttons, and more.

  • Customizable applications

    We can design and develop customizable templates and user forms. We can also add JavaScript solutions to various functions, such as plug-ins for your ecommerce sites and CMS.

  • Dedicated team or augmentation

    We can set up a team to work on your project from start to finish. If you have an in-house team, we can provide additional developers to augment your capabilities.


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