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Our team of developers at Wolf Marketing makes use of Twitter Bootstrap to design fast, responsive mobile-first websites. Originally developed by several Twitter employees, Twitter Bootstrap is one of the most widely used front-end frameworks in contemporary web design. The open-source front-end library is popular for its ability to provide well-crafted, community-tested solutions for some of the most complicated challenges, allowing developers to accomplish even the most difficult tasks with ease.

With Twitter Bootstrap, our team of web developers takes advantage of a versatile UI framework that can be customized to create the best UX design. The utility is highly useful for developers looking to embed aesthetically appealing UI functionality, including layouts, alerts, navigation buttons, grids, tabs, and more.

The importance of Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap makes it easier to create websites that can seamlessly scale itself according to the user’s viewport. Websites built with Twitter Bootstrap are mobile-first – they are designed primarily for mobile devices, and then built up to be compatible with larger viewport devices.

This is a game changer mainly because there is an exponential use of the internet on mobile devices over the years. Traditional websites that require a user to zoom in and out when accessed from a smartphone or tablet create a subpar user experience. Websites nowadays need to adapt to a specific device, and should be viewable whether in portrait or landscape orientation.   

Advantages of using Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap makes it easier to complete responsive websites in a short amount of time, especially if developers already have a good grasp of HTML and CSS. In case any problem or issue pops up, developers can rely on the large Bootstrap community for advice and support, making it easier to look for solutions to almost any issue. In addition, Twitter Bootstrap is easily customizable and compatible with all modern browsers.

Another advantage that comes with using Twitter Bootstrap is that developers do not need to create code from scratch. The official Bootstrap website already provides the bootstrap components and the code snippet for the basic HTML markup. Complete themes, web page templates, UI kits, and plugins are also readily available, which means developers only need to integrate content and add some customizations.

At its core, Twitter Bootstrap is really just a form of basic CSS, the only difference is it uses significantly less preprocessor to add more functionality. The entire package is just a mere 6KB in size, and only consists of seven files.

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Twitter Bootstrap is used by our team of developers as an efficient tool that allows them to create high quality mobile-first web applications and websites for all of our clients.

If you’d like to work with some of the most talented web developers available in New York, we at Wolf Marketing can help you create a stylish, well-designed website and get it running in no time.

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