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Wolf Marketing provides a wide range of resources for your video editing and motion graphics needs. All projects are handled by our fast and reliable video marketing team in New York, who you can count on to deliver top quality content on time.

Our creative team consists of video editors and post-production supervisors who work together as a unit to ensure all proper elements are fully utilized to represent your brand right way. We take the time to listen carefully to each client, so we can understand their specific goals and requirements. While we stay as close to the project as possible, we give our clients as much creative control as they need throughout the entire process in order to ensure the best results.  

Whether you need a video for your website’s background, a corporate video, or a quick animation sequence to promote your new product, we at Wolf Marketing are ready to help.

We’ll help you tell your story

Videos play a key role in helping any business reach more potential clients. You can count on our team to create and edit compelling videos that will not simply deliver a message, but tell a story – what your service or product is all about, who are the people behind it, and how it can help your clients.

If you’re looking to elevate your digital marketing strategy, custom videos and motion graphics are excellent tools that can help your brand stand out from the competition.

Here are some of the ways videos can enhance your digital marketing campaign:

  • It engages website visitors – Videos are a great way to attract more visitors to your website through better search engine rankings, increase the time they spend on your site, and deliver your message through multiple ways. A custom video has an advantage over other content formats, as it has the ability to not simply tell visitors about your product, service, or company – it shows
  • It injects more personality to your brand – You can use truckloads of text to convince people to work with your company and tell them why you are the solution to their problems. But a simple video is all you need to deliver that message. Those “About us” profiles where team members talk about their hobbies, favorite movies, or what they love about working in the company are great, but there’s no better way to accurately showcase your company culture than through a video that shows your team in action.
  • It delivers your message efficiently – Most visitors absorb information they can watch and hear faster compared to reading text. That said, a video is a great way to convey your message in a format that is easily digestible for visitors. While you can’t completely do away with written content on your website, having a custom video can serve as a great complement to your website’s copy, and will help enhance your message.

Wolf Marketing can help your business stand out from the pack! Looking for the best digital agency in New York? Find out more about Wolf Marketing’s video editing/motion graphics service by calling us at (917) 818-4664, sending us an email at, or leaving a message here.