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Wolf Marketing provides a wide range of services to design and manage your WordPress website. Our WordPress experts work with companies of all sizes – from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies – and provide WordPress support services at any level, from website development to maintenance, security, and plug-in customization.

WordPress is an open source website creation tool based on PHP and MySQL. It’s considered the easiest blogging and website CMS (content managing system) available today, allowing even someone with very limited blog and website building knowhow to develop their own online site. As of 2018, it is used by around one-third of the top 10 million websites in the world, and supports more than 60 million websites.

WordPress’s ease of use is complemented by its versatility – with enough skills and knowhow, you can give your WordPress site customized features to make it distinctly your own and to serve the purpose you desire.


Some of WordPress’s features include:

  • Fast and easy registry of your own domain name
  • Hundreds of customizable themes
  • Website statistics presented in easy-to-understand formats
  • Responsive and mobile themes


Wolf Marketing WordPress services

We can help you optimize the many benefits of WordPress. Our services include:

  • WordPress website design and development

    We will guide you in using WordPress to develop your website, from choosing and installing themes to setting up your site. We can also:

    • Demonstrate how to upload content
    • Install essential plug-ins
    • Customize designs and functionalities
    • Provide site analytics training.


  • WordPress SEO

    SEO is an essential element in digital marketing. Without it, your website can remain practically invisible on the web. Our WordPress experts can:

    • Create and configure SEO elements
    • Recommend and implement best SEO practices to make your website highly searchable by your target market
    • Provide SEO training, audit, and consultation services.


  • Customizing WordPress plug-ins

    A plug-in is software that can add, change, or remove certain functions to your WordPress website. There are plenty of WordPress plug-ins that you can incorporate to your site to make it more powerful, functional, and user-friendly. However, customizing a plug-in to fit your specific needs can lead to security and maintenance issues. Our WordPress experts are specialists in customizing plug-ins to help you achieve the results you desire as seamlessly as possible.

  • WordPress support

    We provide WordPress support services to keep your website glitch-free and functioning optimally. Our services may be customized according to the level of support you require.

    • We offer full or scheduled management support services, including website and server monitoring.
    • We also conduct regular back-ups with data secured in a location of your choice or an offsite location that we might recommend.
    • We can perform site restoration when needed and safely install WordPress updates.


  • WordPress security

    WordPress websites are a frequent target of hackers and malware. Our WordPress experts can protect your site with a multilayer security system. We will examine your site and identify points where it may be vulnerable and put in the necessary security measures. We can conduct thorough site inspections to look for malware and hacks, and clean the site of these elements. We can also perform back-ups and site or file restoration if needed.


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WordPress offers a host of opportunities for quick and easy website development. As experts in web development New York businesses trust, we at Wolf Marketing can help you harness the many benefits of WordPress and get optimal performance from your WordPress site. Give us a call today to find out how.