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At Wolf Marketing, we believe that every successful internet marketing campaign is built upon a great foundation. Consult with us for your digital marketing needs. We’ll help you gather all the necessary building blocks that will launch your business to internet stardom. Are you ready?

It’s All About Having A Solid Foundation

Internet marketing campaigns don’t happen in a day, or even overnight. It takes time, research, and careful planning. Tell us what your business is all about: its values, services,products, and target audience. From there we’ll help you design your business’ online identity, build its brand, and employ proper and effective marketing strategies.

  • Brand discovery. What is your business all about? What are its values? What are your plans for it? Where do you see your business in the future?

    During the brand discovery stage, we’ll answer all these questions. We’ll define and identify your business values. From there, we’ll determine the right kind of branding for your business and develop a road map to internet marketing success.

  • Qualitative research. What does your target audience need? What kind of content are they looking for? In the qualitative research stage, we’ll learn about customer behavior and gain insight about what they need and how your business can meet it.

    We’ll also round up your competitors in the field and find out what they’re doing right so you can apply it to your online marketing campaign.

  • Content strategy. Now that we’ve got qualitative data and insight, it’s time to develop your content theme strategy, build a sensible road map, and outline your marketing targets. We’ll align your overall content strategy with your branding. After all, in digital marketing, consistency in branding is key.

    During this stage, we’ll also explore other business and marketing opportunities that your business can benefit from.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO). Make your content and other marketing strategies SEO-friendly to increase your business’ visibility and stand out from your competition. This involves keyword research, SEO reporting, and SEO training.

    If requested, we’ll conduct ┬áSEO training workshops to your in-house marketing team. This will keep your company updated with the latest in SEO and best practices currently in use in digital marketing.

  • Implementation and promotion. Execute your digital marketing strategies in a creative manner, from your website design and social media accounts to content. Let’s drive traffic to your website through better search rankings, sponsored promotions, and even a handy boost from an influencer.
  • Tracking and reporting. Use on-site and off-site analytics to track your performance and capture relevant data. This will lead to better customer behavior insights and a more effective digital marketing strategy. Find out what works for your business and what doesn’t.

360 Solutions with Wolf Marketing

Digital marketing consultations with us is a 360-degree process that involves every aspect of your online marketing campaign. That means we’ll be there with you from brand brainstorming sessions to performance tracking.

Talk to our digital marketing expert today to request a proposal, or to learn more about digital marketing consulting.