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Wolf Marketing provides digital marketing solutions to New York City businesses of any size – from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. As the tech industry grows and evolves at breakneck speed, Wolf Marketing is well-positioned to serve as the digital marketing agency NYC businesses can rely on.

New York’s tech sector is currently the third largest in the United States, following California’s and Texas’s. But many experts believe the city will eventually surpass Silicon Valley – a prediction that’s borne out by the staggering growth of the city’s tech sector in the last 15 years. After all, New York is the undisputed commercial and financial center of the world, and the growth of tech businesses here is but a natural consequence of that.

The city is home to numerous start-ups, the world’s top corporations, and everything in between. Wolf Marketing offers the advantage of dynamic, dedicated and skilled talents who know what it takes to help your business grow using the ever-expanding marketing and data-gathering tools the internet offers.

Below are some of the services we offer:

New York SEO

SEO is an important element in any digital marketing program. With nearly half of the world’s population accessing the internet today, it’s imperative to have a web presence that’s visible to your target audience. The benefits of ranking well on search engine return pages are immense.

We at Wolf Marketing are experts in developing and maintaining an effective SEO program that will help make your website highly searchable and visible on the web. We keep abreast with new search engine algorithms that can affect search results and design our SEO programs accordingly.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we refrain from setting unrealistic expectations. We know that SEO success doesn’t come overnight. We constantly analyze and measure results to direct or redirect our strategy, and we don’t stop until we have attained your goals.

Web design New York

Your website is your business’s digital window. Just as you would style and design your physical window display to make it inviting to customers, you’d want your website to be attractive and welcoming to viewers, too. When it comes to websites, however, the “wow” factor is just the dressing. You need a well-functioning, informative and easy to use site that will give your visitors a positive experience.

We at Wolf Marketing design websites with both aesthetic and functional elements in mind. We make sure your website reflects all the best facets of your business – in looks, content, and function.

Digital marketing strategy for New York businesses

In addition to a great website and SEO, other digital marketing tools can help you achieve the highest level of success. We at Wolf Marketing can recommend and design a program that encompasses a wide range of platforms, including:

  • Video marketing – Videos have been found to significantly increase customer engagement and lead to a higher conversion rate
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – This paid advertising program allows you to reach a targeted market and increase traffic to your website. It can be turned on and off, giving you control over costs and usage.
  • Email marketing – This program keeps you connected with existing customers and those that have expressed interest in buying your products or services
  • SMS/Text messaging – SMS allows a more intimate marketing platform for customers who have purchased or have shown interest in your products or services


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