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Online reviews are powerful. Positive reviews can propel your business to success, while negative feedback can sink your business’ reputation and overall performance.

Wolf Marketing, a Brooklyn-based digital agency, can help you manage your online image. We’ll keep a sharp eye on all your online reviews, address issues properly and discreetly, and make sure positive feedback gets to all the right channels.

Online Reviews Matter

Online reviews are an important aspect of your marketing strategy. It’s a great way to let prospective clients know your business is reliable, professional, and good at what it does. This is where online reviews can help. Recent research by Invespro suggests:

  • 90% of consumers read online reviews;
  • 88% of consumers consider online reviews to be as good as personal recommendations; and
  • 72% of respondents indicate they are likely to trust a business with a lot of positive reviews.

The bottom line is: online reviews can boost or damage your business’ image  on the web. Overwhelming positive feedback indicates you are good at what you do, while negative reviews reflect otherwise. Furthermore,in the world of online marketing, having no reviews is just as bad as having bad reviews.

Positive Testimonials Translate to Better Performance

Attracting new clients isn’t the only benefit of having well-managed reviews. It can give your business a boost in sales as well. In the same Invespro report, researchers concluded that:

  • 31% of consumers are more likely to spend on a business with stellar reviews;
  • 92%of consumers are more likely to use a business with a 4-star rating;
  • 72% of users are compelled to take action after reading a positive review; and
  • 86%of respondents said negative online reviews make them hesitate from taking action.

A single negative review can easily cost your business potential clients. This is why online review management matters.

How Online Review Management Works

Wolf Marketing aims to make your business shine online by making sure your positive reviews are at the forefront of your website, and your negative feedback is addressed discreetly.

  • Encourage feedback. Earn your stars by adding an outlet where your clients can share their thoughts on your business or the services you provide. Options to share on sites like Yelp and Google will be available.
  • Review and collect. We’ll monitor and collect all the reviews you will receive in outlets you’ve chosen.
  • Address negative reviews promptly. Instead of having negative feedback published on review sites, we’ll respond to complaints and bad reviews privately and appropriately. This way, prospective clients will only see your best reviews.
  • Add a testimonial widget. Let your positive feedback shine. Aside from channeling good reviews to sites like Yelp, showcase your most recent and best reviews on your website through a widget.

Let’s get started

Build your business’ online reputation now with Wolf Marketing. To learn more about online reviews management and online marketing get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.