The attractiveness and user experience of your website will always impact how potential customers perceive your company. In fact, according to a study by the researchers at Northumbria and Sheffield Universities, first impressions are 94% design-related. What makes it more interesting is that you only have seconds for your online visitors to form an opinion about your brand.

If you need a web design company in New York that will give you the best online image, build audience trust, and encourages repeat visits, then turn to Wolf Marketing. Our team of web designers and UX experts will make sure your website appeals to the audience you’re targeting.

How A Beautiful & Responsive Website Can Help Your Brand

Good web design captures attention.

Your site visitors have a very short attention span, and this is why it’s crucial that your website captures their interest within the first few seconds. You can make this happen by creating an attractive homepage that gives a great overview of your products and services. Doing so will encourage your visitors to stay on your website for longer. A good first impression motivates visitors to check out other pages on your website and explore the rest of your content.

Another important thing to consider is how your website looks and functions on different devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, laptop, and desktop PC. If you have an outdated design, consider a website revamp so it will display beautifully on any screen.

Good web design showcases the best of what you offer.

If you have lots of content, products, or services that you want to upload on your website, a good web designer can help you present it in such a way that is informative but not overwhelming.

The designer can work with you to create a user-friendly sitemap and navigation plan so you can break up the content according to importance. Using the best practices of visual hierarchy, the designer can select the best typography, color scheme, and style that fits with the look and message of your brand.

Good web design makes sure your visitors have a great browsing experience.

Aside from ensuring that your audience finds your website aesthetically pleasing, you also want them to find it as easy to navigate as possible. A rule we have here at Wolf Marketing is to design websites that even less tech-savvy grandparents can navigate through.

Great user experience involves the use of simple navigation, minimal click options, and clear call-to-actions that guide your visitors on where to go next. A fast page load speed is also very important. If users have an awesome time browsing your website, this increases the chance of repeat visits and even social media shares.

Good web design increases your site’s conversion rate.

A good combination of persuasive content and effective design is a surefire way to build a website that converts. Think about the actions you want the visitors to take while building the site so you can structure it in a way that will logically walk readers toward doing that action. Calls-to-action that you should highlight are subscribe forms, contact forms, downloads, social shares, video plays, add to cart, and the like.

Good web design helps build trust.

Having an awesome website design and well-laid-out content is a trust factor that establishes credibility even before customers interact with your site. If a visitor is having a hard time navigating your site to search for a product, service, or information, then they will most surely exit out of your site and browse somewhere else.

It’s also important to add as many trust indicators within your website as you can. Examples are having an HTTPS website, displaying customer reviews, using secure contact forms, adding site security badges, and including team photos or videos in your “about” page.

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