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In this day and age, having a strong digital presence is almost synonymous to business success. However, you need to use the right marketing strategy to win the competition. If you’re considering using search engine optimization (SEO) as your main digital marketing weapon, then our NYC SEO company can help.

Wolf Marketing can get you the SEO results that you need to rank higher in search engines, or to get found by your target audience. Our years of experience in the digital marketing arena allows us to help our clients to reach their marketing goals – especially when it comes to improving web traffic, conversions, and overall brand recognition.

Here are some reasons why we highly recommend SEO as the foundation of your digital marketing plan:

SEO Is Worth Your Every Cent

It is true when marketers say that SEO is necessary for any website rather than just optional, especially when you’re counting on it to build your business and generate new and steady viable leads. In reality, your website is almost invisible without it. So we always tell our clients to consider SEO as a business investment rather than an expense. You may not reap the rewards in the first or second month, but eventually the benefits of using this strategy will far outweigh the costs.

It’s always helpful to keep in mind that SEO is a long-term strategy that can take 12 months or more to put in place and become effective, so patience is crucial. However, once you move up the rankings in major search engines like Google and Yahoo, it naturally follows that website traffic and lead inquiries will follow. If you have an e-commerce website, this will translate as on-site purchases, or even bookings.

Working alongside an experienced SEO expert will help in making sure that your website can survive the ups and downs of Google’s algorithm changes, as well as the latest marketing trends.

SEO Can Improve Your Offline Sales

SEO is not just for online stores. It is an effective marketing strategy even for brick-and-mortar businesses such as restaurants, clinics, agencies, and retail stores. This is because tech-savvy and social media-loving consumers do their research online first before visiting physical stores, or even calling a business to make an order. By appearing on top of search engine and social media results, you can take more control in directing customers to your website to help them decide why they should visit or call you.

SEO Helps You Gain Targeted Website Traffic

Search engine visits make up a huge share of traffic for many successful websites. This is because SEO traffic is made up of people who are actually looking for the best product or service nearest to them. These searchers, or potential customers, already have the intent to buy. The only question is which company or business they will buy from.

Now the challenge on your part is how to appear front and center where potential customers are searching from. As a norm, online users tend to go to websites that appear on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs). Those who are diligent in researching even go beyond the first page, up to the second or third. But ideally, first page ranking should always be your target. This is why new companies even pay for first page slots (through paid ads) if they’re just starting out and don’t have organic rankings to bank on quite yet.

This is where our New York SEO company comes in. Wolf Marketing can partner with you to better understand your target audience and give you a road map on how to claim first page results in a reasonable amount of time.

SEO Increases Brand Authority

We are all guilty of using Google, YouTube, or Facebook for everything – especially when looking for trusted reviews about a product, service, or company.

Almost everyone expects these channels to present them with quick and trustworthy information. SEO helps in a way that it promotes all your online brand assets (website, social media pages, business listings, blog, press releases, etc.) on as many online channels as possible. SEO is the best support for your social media and paid advertising campaigns to ensure you’re always seen on top of search results. This visibility turns into a lasting recall for your brand and you will reap the benefits by way of more inbound inquiries, sales, or customer visits.

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