If you need a web developer in New York, our team at Wolf Marketing is confident that we have the resources and expertise you need to reach your website & online marketing goals. Our services are backed by reliable developers who have years of experience building brochure sites, online stores, and custom web applications. Trust us to help turn your ideas into a website that generates sales and the right kind of leads.

Template Design Vs. Custom Development

In this age of convenience you will find a lot of companies offering “build-your-own” website tools that use preset designs or templates. This might be a quick and affordable solution at first glance, but we know that it’s not for everyone. For example, more discerning clients who want to make their brand as unique and memorable as possible will find these templates very limiting. This is also true for clients who need special functionalities and 3rd party integrations added to their website.

If you know that you want a custom site from the get-go, hiring a professional web developer is a must. Here are some scenarios where custom development may be a good option.

E-commerce Web Development

If you’re looking to sell online, a web developer can help you create an online store that’s tailored exactly to how you want it to look and function. Examples of custom functionalities for online stores include complex product catalogs, predictive search, apps for reward points or discount coupons, integrations to your accounting or CRM software, and more.

Custom Plugins, Web Forms and Booking Systems

If you have a website that’s built on a popular Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, a web application developer can help you build your own proprietary plugin. Or they can also help you extend the functionalities of your current WordPress template to make it more powerful.

Similarly, if you’re looking to build a booking or ordering application from the ground up, an experienced web developer will be able to suggest the best workflow for your project. He or she will be able to create a system that can seamlessly integrate with 3rd party systems like payment gateways, invoicing, accounting, and more.

Whatever your web development needs are, our team here at Wolf Marketing is always up for a challenge! Just send us a detailed project brief and we can send you a proposal that outlines the scope, cost, and timeline.

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