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Data entry and research are crucial in today’s business climate. You need a comprehensive and accurate data base from which you can readily obtain information vital in making big and small decisions.

The process of gathering and extracting data from various sources and inputting them into a handy and highly-accessible database is a tedious task. It requires a good chunk of your employees’ time and effort – resources that could be better utilized in growing your business and attending to your core functions.

This is where Wolf Marketing comes in. As a digital agency New York businesses have trusted for years, we offer comprehensive and reliable data entry and research services. Partner with us and leave these grueling but essential tasks in our hands. You can be assured of the highest quality results – even better than if you were to do it

Data entry services New York

We can customize our data entry services to meet your unique needs. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure accuracy and to handle large volumes of data with speed and precision. We collect, scrutinize, collate, store, and index data in your preferred database or a system we can design for you.

In addition to accuracy, speed, and value-added services, we guarantee confidentiality and cost-efficiency.

Our widely-encompassing data entry services include:

Online data entry

We will manage the data captured from your online resources, such as your website lead-generation tools, customer information, data from and to your ecommerce site, human resources and recruitment data, e-books, and other online files and documents

• Offline data entry

We process data from hardcopies, scanned images, and PDF files and enter them into your database. We also manage and input data from other printed sources, including books, newspapers and magazines, as well as forms like insurance claims, hospital records, delivery receipts, and others.

• Surveys and questionnaires

We extract, collate, and index data from questionnaires and survey sheets manually or through OMR services.

• Excel entries

Excel is a very handy tool with hundreds of potential uses, but entering data accurately and creating the right forms are critical for its successful use. We are experts in Excel data entry and have the technical knowhow to ensure speed and accuracy.

• Data conversion

Wolf Marketing can assist you in going paperless through data conversion. We will process your paper documents, convert them into digital formats, and develop a digital storage and indexing system that allows convenient and secure access to these documents. We can also convert one format to another, for example, word to text format and vice-versa.

Web research services

The internet has significantly changed the way companies do business. Today you can get access to volumes of helpful information from around the globe through the worldwide web. The key is to know how, when, and where to find the information you need from the millions of website pages on the internet.

We at Wolf Marketing can do the job with efficiency and with a faster turnaround time than if you were to do it in-house. We can provide a wide range of information through our web research services to give you a clear picture on your competitors’ activities, industry updates, and market conditions. We can sort through thousands of information from numerous sources to get relevant and useful data on the latest technological breakthroughs, new regulations, directory information, and many more.


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Entrust your data entry and web research needs to us so you can focus on growing your business. Wolf Marketing provides more than just SEO services NYC companies trust – we are experts in all kinds of digital services, including data entry and research.