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The market share of ecommerce has grown tremendously over the past few years, and there’s no turning back. More and more people are discovering the benefits of shopping with their fingertips. Almost every US resident has shopped online at least once, and by 2022, it’s predicted that ecommerce will have 17% of the market share.

It’s time to get on the ecommerce wave. We at Wolf Marketing can design and create the perfect ecommerce site for your business. If you have an existing retail site but it’s not giving you the sales volume you want, we’ll give it brand new life to get you your desired sales boost.

We know what customers want when they shop online. As experts in web design NYC businesses have trusted for years, we have the skills and the expertise to develop the ecommerce site that will give your customers a great shopping experience and keep them coming back for more.

It’s all about the products

At Wolf Marketing, we design your ecommerce site to shine the spotlight where it belongs – your merchandise! No matter the industry, your customers will have an easy time searching for the product they want and learning everything they can about it. There won’t be unnecessary clutter that can distract from their shopping experience.

Your brand will be remembered

Your ecommerce site will be a reflection of what your business is all about – efficient, reliable, and the go-to source your customers can’t do without. We’ll make sure your branding is distinctly experienced in every page so your customers will feel a connection with you. An ecommerce site does not have to be a bland display of products and product descriptions. It needs personality – and that we deliver.

Keeping customers onboard

Online customers have a shorter attention span than before – it only takes seconds for them to decide if they want to stay and complete a sale, or move on to a friendlier and more welcoming site. At Wolf Marketing, we understand the psychology of online shoppers and we design ecommerce sites to keep your customers onboard. First, we bring on the “wow” factor. Then we offer functionalities that make for a seamless shopping experience.  We’ll make sure your customers will leave with a positive impression of your brand.

Bringing traffic and conversions

We design ecommerce sites with features that allow customers to easily find them on the web. We also incorporate design elements and content that will encourage customers to complete a purchase. Based on your preference, we can include other features that will enhance your customers’ experience, such as day-to-day order tracking.

Easy management

Your ecommerce site will integrate different systems – including inventory, shipping, payment and others – to allow easy management. Functionalities will also be provided so you can seamlessly update your site with new products and information like product availability and holiday breaks.

Vital stats and information you can easily access

You can get regular data about activities on your site, including completed sales for a given period, conversions from site visits, visitors’ behavior, and sales revenues, using your preferred analytics and accounting tools.

Responsive design

We design ecommerce sites that can be accessed and used on any device, including mobile gadgets. More than half of all internet users access the web from their phones and other mobile devices. This makes it important for ecommerce sites to have a responsive design that allows customers a smooth shopping experience even while on the go.


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