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Is your online marketing strategy working? There are two ways to find out: tracking and reporting. Wolf Marketing can help you with that.

Monitor Your Performance

Web analytics is a key ingredient to every successful online marketing campaign. Through tracking and performing, you’ll know what strategies work, what needs to be improved upon, and if your investments are yielding you the best returns.

  • On-site Analytics. Track website visitors’ behavior through on-site analytics. This will give you handy data, such as web traffic, how users are navigating your site, the kinds of pages that garner more views, the average time users spend on your website, and even the best time of the day to post content.

    On-site analytics also enables you to compare certain customer behaviors so you can make specific improvements that not only drive web traffic, but increase your revenue as well.
  • Off-site Analytics. Understand where your web visitors are coming from. Off-site analytics show your web traffic sources (search engine results, ad clicks, keywords, etc.) so you can determine which internet marketing tools are most effective for you.

Analytics Report: Breaking It Down For You

Web analytics involves different key metrics and jargon. When you’re busy running a business, you won’t have time to deal with such things. It can also be quite confusing to greenhorns and newbies.

That’s where Wolf Marketing steps in. We’ll analyze the data and break it down for you. What you’ll get out of our web analytics reports are easily digestible information that will clearly lay out what works, what doesn’t, and what your new goals for internet marketing should be.

Our web analytics report will cover content and SEO, as well as the commerce side of your business website. Expect the following data, and more:

  • Traffic and transaction volumes
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per order
  • Device usage (desktop/mobile/etc.)
  • Key term rankings
  • Ranking spread
  • Search visibility
  • Social shares of web content
  • On-site engagement (average views and time on site, bounce rate, etc.)
  • Indexation status

Identify Trends

Through tracking and reporting on-site and off-site analytics, we can easily identify trends and identify their causes. This will allow you to make necessary  changes to your internet marketing plan so you can ride the wave and emerge victorious.

Measure Your Progress Regularly

Wolf Marketing, an SEO company in NYC, will deliver your web analytics reports whenever you want. It could be on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. For more effective tracking and reporting, we recommend bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports to measure your progress regularly.

By gathering this amount of data, we’ll also be able to paint a much more accurate picture of your internet marketing strategies and their overall effectiveness. This means better goals, better metrics, and a better internet marketing plan worth your investment.

Make Decisions Backed By Data

Tracking and reporting can significantly improve your business’ online presence and sales performance. Make great, justifiable decisions that will lead to quantifiable results.

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